Gearing Up for Licensing Expo 2019

In a strange twist of events, I have decided to attend the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas from June 4-6!

After recently reaching out to a licensing company in England to help get my comics on products, they wrote back asking if I was attending the licensing expo in Vegas.

"What expo in Vegas?" I thought. 

So I did some digging. Sure enough, there is an upcoming licensing expo in Vegas! And it's big. Like really big. And I've never been to one before. So, you know, I'm like, kinda freaking out here. 

But I've decide to take the bull by the horns and have committed myself to all 3 days. I won't have a booth, but I'll have a shiny, fancy pass on a lanyard. 

The expo website has a feature called "Match Making" where you can upload your profile and allow people to search for you to see if you'd be a good "match," get it? So I did. And I've spent hours searching licensing companies that might be a good fit for Jetlagged.

You're allowed to send 50 invite emails to various companies, depending on your needs. I had sent about 9 right off the bat, getting rejected by one and unanswered by the rest. Then a day later I got a call from David, an expo rep, encouraging me to use up the 50 allotted emails. 

All 50?! Sheesh. I had doubts I could even find 50, let alone ones that might be a match. But I'm blessing David now. Once I got to my computer I spent another 2 hours searching for licensing companies and using up 47 of the 50. Had I not done that, I wouldn't have gotten a booked meeting already for Wednesday with a licensing company that looks almost like a perfect match for my cartoons. 

Oh crap I have a meeting!

People fear success more than failure. And damned if I'm not one of them! But I can't go back now. I've built up Jetlagged for too long not to give it the best opportunity to grow. Will I be licensed after the expo? Who knows. The important thing is I'm taking steps in the right direction and overcoming some fears I've harbored for years. 

I'm finally ready to take Jetlagged to new heights! The sky's the limit! Ready for take off! Up, up and aw--Ok, I'll stop...

So that is where I'll be from June 4-6 if you so happen to be there too, let me know

And let me just give a HUGE THANK YOU to my patrons, whose monthly support has allowed me to finance this journey and take the time off from flying. Without you all believing in me I would ever have taken these first steps. Thank you!!






  • Love your post about the licensing expo! It was my 2nd time going. Last year was my first year, and as an artist also, I can definitely relate to your excitement, thoughts, and concerns. How did the show go for you? Hope it went well! Your comics are wonderful! Wish I read this prior to the event so we could’ve met in person. Maybe next year?

  • omg ! this is my first licensing expo and i am overwhelmed ! but nice to know someone else feels like this !

    ok is your comics on ?
    i create videos for products on amazon.
    i hope to meet up with you at the expo !
    trying to find who to invite ? is there a faster way jetlagged ??


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