Git 'Er Done!

Well, can you believe it? It’s already the end of the month! I had a list of “goals” for this month, and I’m pretty proud because I accomplished a lot of them:

Launching the new site is exciting. I’d been wanting to make my Shopify store the main Jetlagged website for quite some time. It’s faster, the load times are better, the resolution is higher and overall, the user experience is so much nicer. You can also search by keyword or look up popular tags, which my old Wix site didn’t offer. I think it looks way snazzier too! Check it out at and let me know what you think!

Although the month was overall very productive, this past week was not. I came down with a head cold and barely lifted a finger, let alone creatively. I spent a lot of time reading. I’m currently obsessed with the “Outlander” series and I just started the 3rd book. These books are, like, 1000 pages each. But I just devour them. And I’m not a fast reader at all. I love reading series, though. At the beginning of the year I read the entire Harry Potter series (again). Love those books. Got any good series to recommend?

This week wasn’t all a wash though. According to my daily planner I got a lot done from Monday - Wednesday (right before feeling sick). I got sketching done, made headway on future cartoons, made a new Patreon video (big for me. I hate being on camera!), got a new patron (thank you Catherine Gilbert!) and had 2 other patrons upgrade to higher tiers (yay!) plus I finished a logo for a friend.
My new intro video on Patreon! How's my hair?


Oh yeah, this week I also submitted Jetlagged for the hundredth time to the Big Three Syndicates (Andrews McMeel, King Features and Creators Syndicate). *Sigh*, we'll see...

Last week I mentioned I’m going through the book “The Artist’s Way” about connecting to your creative flow. Every morning one of the exercises is writing 3 solid pages, no matter what it’s about. Well, I’ve been very good about that commitment. I have quite a few pages. It’s a nice way to wake up, lounging on my couch, wrapped in my robe and sipping coffee while draining my brain on blank pages. Amazing what emotions start to bubble up.  Desires you didn’t know where deep inside you start surfacing. Give it try!

I’m feeling a bit better now, but still have congestion in my head (not good for flying!). The energy is starting to come back though, so that’s a good sign. I felt well enough to see my brother and 3 nieces yesterday for his early birthday party. Family time is great!

Today is also beautiful, so Robert and I continued our “retaining wall project” (which started earlier this month) and I dug in the dirt for about 4 hours this morning. It’s coming along beautifully!

Me digging in the dirt

Me digging in the dirt! See all the houses they're building behind us?

Amazing how physical exertion like this really helps me be more creative later in the day. I can’t be creative without being physically active. The two go hand in hand for me. Plus I like getting dirty ;-)

That’s all for now. Until next week!




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