A sample illustration from the children's book "Animal Potluck" by Brandi & Mike Konopinski

This has been a long time coming. Finally, after years and years of hard procrastination, my efforts finally paid off and I got around to creating

What is

I’m glad you asked! in as an artistic portfolio of my designs and illustrations, specifically non-Jetlagged. You may only know me as a cartoonist, but sometimes I go beyond the gag and do special projects for various clients, like the children's book illsutration you see above.

Why It Took Me So Long

For years I’d been meaning to create this site. I thought it would help future clients get a better idea of my style plus give me an online presence beyond Jetlagged. Not many people know I am for hire when it comes to creating custom work. Over the years people have reached out via email or through mutual friends to ask me to create portraits, children’s book illustrations, business ads, custom cartoons, logos, you name it! Samples of most of these projects are now up on the site.

Recently I received an email asking if I could create the illustrations for a children’s book. I sent some samples of my work as email attachments, but soon felt this was rather unprofessional. What self-respecting professional artists doesn’t have an online portfolio? When it’s so easy to create a website, I had no excuse to whip one up for myself.

It took me less than half a day to create it. I first went on to purchase the domain name. Originally it was going to be since in the past had already been purchased and for sale for $700! (Apparently it’s a thing people do…purchase domain names they think will be profitable and sell them at inflated prices. There was a famous singer in the 80s with my name!). Well, when I went to GoDaddy, was only $.99! I bought it up fast, then used their website builder (one of the best ones, by the way!) and finished my site.

My Online Illustration Portfolio

I’ll be adding samples of projects to the site over time as they come. For a while, I thought maybe I’d get into the world of children’s book illustrating and even took some classes and joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) last year. But my time and energy are always pulled violently back into the world of cartooning, which is maybe where I belong. Nonetheless, with this new online portfolio, I am open for other opportunities. Because you never know what you’re capable of unless someone asks you to do it for them!

Another Reason I’m Branching Out

And finally, my move to expand my services also coincides with my fear of losing my job as a flight attendant. As any small business owner, you must find multiple streams of income to pad your paycheck. I have about three with Jetlagged (Patreon, merchandise and selling rights to cartoons). Since I don’t believe it spamming my websites with ads (which many people use for revenue), I thought officially advertising my illustration services a good move to growing my own revenue streams. If one stream dries up, I’ll have a couple more to tap into.

So there you have it! Go on over and check it out and tell me what you think. And if you’re interested in having your own piece of custom art, use the contact form on the site and we’ll chat about your vision.

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