Jetlagged Launches Super Secret "Upgraded Series"

Jetlagged "Upgraded Series" -- A Brief History

Three years ago I spent about 6 months creating these multi-paneled Jetlagged strips to submit to various syndicates. Every day, for about 8-10 hours a day, I worked on these cartoons. I had never attempted a multi-panel story line before, which it turns out, is a much different writing and drawing experience than my tried and true single panel. But I wanted to give it a shot, try something new and expand my horizons. 

After clocking hundreds of cartooning hours, I sent my Opus off to the syndicates....and then I waited...and answer. It's been three years hence and I'm starting to lose hope. 

Anyway, rejection isn't new to me. Syndication is tough. But after no answer, I went back to drawing single panels and stuffed the 50 or so strips I'd done into a filing cabinet, destined to be forgotten. 

Fast forward to mid April when I polled my patrons on what they'd like to see more of on my Patreon Page. A lot of them voted on Patron-Only I felt it was prime time to resurrect these strips and finally show them to someone other than my cat. 

Unexpected Surprise 

Something I didn't expect after creating the strips was how much more developed the personalities of my characters became. Almost as if they grew on their own, the voices of Bev, Wanda, Rob and Kitty began taking on their own shapes the more I threw them into unlikely situations.

Jetlagged "Upgraded" to Feature Exclusively on Patreon

Starting May 20th, Jetlagged "Upgraded" will post exclusively for my $2 and higher patrons every Wednesday. This is my way of adding value to my Patreon Page (and thanking the fine people supporting my work), as well as testing the waters with a type of cartooning I'd never done before. If you'd like to come along on this journey with me, sign up as a $2 or higher patron and start reading!

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