Jetlagged to Post 3rd Cartoon on Mondays

This week I surpassed my 2nd goal to raise $700 a month! This puts me in a better financial position to create more cartoons every week. I want to create even more, but there's still work to do.

Due to the massive drop off in passenger flying, airline worker's jobs are on the line. Mine included. I've been a flight attendant for the past 12 years. 8 years ago I started Jetlagged. It's supported solely on the financial backing of my patrons (who pledge a certain amount every month).

In the past, I didn't worry so much about the comic earning a lot of money. I still flew for a living and could compensate with what I earned from my day job. Now that prospect is looking bleak. I am currently faced with two choices: lose my airline job and find a full time job elsewhere (thus shutting down Jetlagged, because I just won't have the time to do both), or beef up my patron support and make cartooning my full time gig. 

I really want that second option. 

And it's becoming more and more apparent that fans what it too. Although $700 a month is great, it's still not enough for me to live off of. My ultimate goal is to supplement what I would have earned as a flight attendant with Jetlagged patron support money. That number is $3000 a month. And I need your help getting there. Once I reach this goal, I will be able to create 5 or more cartoons a week, create more books, more merchandise and loads of other improvements Jetlagged desperately needs. 

I realize mine is a drop in the proverbial bucket of all airline worker's problems at the moment. And that's why I am currently donating 10% of all my earnings to support flight crews through various Employee Assistance Programs as well as to help the fight against COVID-19.

Please help SAVE JETLAGGED and become a patron! Help me reach my next goal of $1500 a month. Once met I can begin creating a 4th cartoon on Tuesdays. 

Stay safe and healthy out there!




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