"Jetway Reunion" Appearing at NY's Book Expo!

A great email came my way recently.

The self publisher IngramSpark, whom I used to print my second book Jetway Reunion, reached out and asked if I'd be OK with them showcasing my book as one of their examples at New York's Book Expo at the end of this month. 


Well, of course, I had to think about it....and then I wrote back "heck yeah!" 

I also asked if I could get tickets to go, but they said no. Hmm...

Book Expo 2017 location, NY

Still, this is very exciting news. The Book Expo goes from May 29-31 and is the leading book trade event of the year. Jetway Reunion will no doubt get some nice, healthy exposure. And who knows what else!

Unfortunately, I will not be attending, as I will be gearing up to attend the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in early June. More on THAT in next week's blog post!

Stay tuned...


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