My Booth at the Alaska Airlines Mingle, Jingle and Shop Event

This past Wednesday was my second year attending the Mingle, Jingle and Shop Event at Alaska Airlines Headquarters. I had so much fun! My handsome assistant (and husband) Robert acted as cashier and booth-mate for the 6 hour show, which ended appropriately with pizza and libations. 

Thanks to the generous support of my patrons, I had a new banner made for the event, which you can see hanging proudly in the background. 

I sold my two books, the 2020 calendar, holiday greeting cards and prints. Most popular were definitely the greeting cards and the calendar. 

Lots of friends, old and new, came by my booth. What I love about these events is that I actually get to talk face to face with fans (instead of butt to face when I'm sitting on the jumpseat)! Don't get me wrong, I'm a bit of an introvert so having an online comic suits me fine. But listening to people's stories and watching them laugh in real life is such a treat. Almost as good as VR. 

As a donation for the event's raffle, I offered up a framed original drawing of one of my cartoons. I hope it makes someone happy! Letting go of my babies is emotional for me. 

Thanks to Alaska Airlines for hosting the event and braving my tolerating another year!

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