New Supplies!

It's that time of the month again (no, not that time!) to THANK my patrons who's monthly support further my artistic endeavors and keep Jetlagged afloat!

Kelly and her desk top easel

Me working at my new desk top easel

Since hitting my goal of $200 a month over the summer, Jetlagged Comic is now 100% financially supported by my patrons! This means my monthly recurring bills for the website, Adobe programs, pens, papers, etc are all being met. I can finally sleep at night.

I'm now around $300 a month, giving me a little extra to forge new artistic grounds.  This past month I was able to invest in a small set of Copic Markers  (wonderful blending markers), an online Copic class and a desktop easel to improve my posture while working.

        Copic Markers

The start of my Copic Marker Collection      

As an independent artist, patron support has been a Godsend. Over the years I've often contemplated throwing in the towel on Jetlagged. As it grew, so did the bills. Producing a free webcomic surprisingly doesn't leave one rolling in the dough.  Luckily, after learning of the fabulous website for creators called Patreon, I discovered I had some die hard fans who wanted nothing but to see Jetlagged thrive!

My plan is to start coloring the comics with the markers. I color them digitally now using Photoshop, which I'll continue to do. But I've wanted to learn marker medium to offer something unique down the road. Also, the Copic class is teaching me about color theory, something I know little about (I was an art school reject, after all). 

So, THANK YOU again to all my patrons! Patrons not only support the comic, but also get exclusive behind-the-scenes sketchbook peeks, vote on weekly cartoons, see new cartoons first, get monthly hand-written thank you cards, cartoon creation relapse videos and more!

To become a patron sign up here and choose a tier that's right for you. 

Thanks again and Happy Jetlagging!


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