Special Projects: Tim's Retirement Cartoon

I just finished up a fun custom artwork project for a wonderful client. Celia's husband, Captain Tim, recently retired (a little earlier than planned due to the COVID-19 impact unfortunately). Since he didn't get the traditional water canon salute pilots usually get at the end of their careers, she reached out to me to create one for him.

Printing the final piece.

Since this was a surprise for her husband, Celia described what she wanted and I sketched three different ideas for her to choose from. Working over email, in the course of a few weeks the image began to flesh out and become the final printed version you see above. Celia received both the high resolution digital file and the printed version.

In addition to creating custom artworks, I also have begun offering printing and shipping as well. The final piece is printed on professional Canon Pro Glossy Photo Paper. This version is not archival, but I hope to start offering that soon. 

Here's what Celia had to say about working with me:

Make Kelly Kincaid your go-to for aviation-related gifts. I knew my pilot husband would retire this year, but the retirement came suddenly when the airline industry collapsed in the COVID-19 crisis. There would be no final flight with all the celebration, so I turned to Kelly for help making the end of his career special. Using my scant ideas and a couple of photos of my husband, she created a fabulous cartoon rendering of him in the cockpit with the firetruck providing the “last flight” water cannon salute. He has proudly shared the cartoon with family and friends through social media, and we can’t wait to frame it and hang it on the wall. Thanks, Kelly!

Thanks so much to Celia and Tim for letting me create his final water canon salute!

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