Updates + Hello April

Well hello April, you got here fast!

Man, am I sore. The nice weather in Seattle coupled with a few days off resulted in lots and lots of yard work. My husband and I are in the middle of building about 3 separate retaining walls in our backyard. This morning I woke up with a very sore finger, maybe an infection (ew) and it's probably from all the stress I put it through yesterday after 4 hours on the roto-tiller. 

roto-tilled backyard

View of backyard and back-of-husband

All soreness aside, I still got some cartooning done. I hope you liked the newest cartoon "Food Pyramid". It came as a sudden idea while I was on the jumpseat with another flight attendant the other day. We were just giggling about something or other and somehow that idea came out of our joking around. 

That's really all there is to it sometimes. Some think coming up with ideas means I'm locking myself in my office all night, working by a single, flickering lamp, my fingers bandaged and bleeding from scribbling, sinking in a sea of crumpled up ideas on bits of paper. OK, well, maybe nobody thinks that. But ultimately ideas come out of just joking around and having fun. And if my brain is really in the zone, they'll come when I'm not even trying. 

Bailey helping with "Food Pyramid"

Bailey "helping" while I color "Food Pyramid"

I flew up and down the west coast this week. All flights were pleasant and uneventful. Probably not the best for writing material, but good for my sanity. However, since it's spring break there are a ton of once-a-year-flyers and young people. They're great, but a little naive. My favorite overheard interaction was between two young coir girls:

(A loud bang issued from the tug when it released the plane after pushing back from the gate) 

"What was that?!" said one girl.

"Don't worry," said the other, "that was just the plane changing gears from reverse into drive!"

Awe, so cute! But, no. Incorrect. I've gotta thank them for saying it, though. I think it'll make a nice little cartoon down the road. :)

In other news, this month will (hopefully) be very productive on the Jetlagged front! I am plugging along, putting up cartoons almost every day on the new website. My flying schedule for April is extremely straight-forward: morning LAS turns, alllll month! So if you're flying to LAS at 8:10 in the morning out of SEA this month, you will see me. Oh yes, you will see me. Let's hope I get a ton of new ideas from all those crazy crown-drinking gamblers. 

Other Goals for April include:

-250 new cartoon uploads on the new site

-1 new product!

-Revamp Patreon tiers and release a special offer to new sign ups (got any ideas?)

-5 New Patrons!

-Get ahead by 1 month in cartoons (I say this every month)

-Fly my line and Retain sanity (or what's left of it)

Happy Jetlagging!