Hello again! One of the more exciting things that happened this week was the arrival of my very own paper (yes, PAPER) 18 month daily planner. There is something oddly satisfying about writing out your goals on real tree pulp that Google Cal just can't simulate. Writing them out is one thing, accomplishing them is quite another. Luckily I have an eraser. 

My daily planner tells me that this past week I finished 3 new cartoons, created a new greeting card in my store, uploaded 82 more cartoon digital downloads (all cartoons from 2017-2019 uploaded!) flew 3 turns to LAS and went to Palm Springs with Robert to visit my uncles. Phew!

The artist getting a sunburn hiking in Palm Springs this weekend.

I'm trying to get more ahead in cartoons. My current system is to procrastinate until the night before, then stress out and scramble to create something before it's due Wednesday morning. But that's all changing (hopefully) starting now! My daily planner will help me. Of the 3 cartoons I finished this week, the other two will be held in reserve and finished to post at a later date. Below is a photo of this week's cartoon "Take Off" before final production in Photoshop.

Line art drawing of "Take Off"
Line art drawing of "Take Off"

I found this little gem in an old sketchbook from 2011. Artistically, this one was a bit challenging for me since I had to draw from the perspective of sitting on the airplane's nose. But I think it came out great! I'm paying more attention to shading and crosshatching, which I love the look of. And in the past I never drew out the black border for some reason, but I'm going to start doing that. I think it looks better as an original, and better framed if anyone wants to purchase the original. 

If you like seeing the process photos, I'm starting to share them weekly, from start to finish, on Patreon. So get your butt over there and become a patron to see all of them!

As for flying, this whole month I am flying Vegas morning turns. And because it's Vegas AND spring break, the tendency of passengers to be either A. Drunk B. Demanding or C. Drunk and Demanding is very very high. Luckily it's early enough that most of the airport bars aren't open yet, so there's not a lot of pre-funking and pax are mostly sober once aboard. The service is a bit tough though with lots of people drinking double vodkas, Bailey's and mimosas, but they've all been nice and polite and that's all I really care about. 

It's nice to have the same flight all month because it's almost like having a "normal" job with set hours. My routine has been to get up around 5, attempt a workout, drink coffee, go to work, come home, eat dinner, pack lunch, and spend a couple hours drawing while my cat crawls over me meowing. This all goes off without a hitch as long as my husband and I don't start drinking wine. If that happens, then I'm a useless blob on the couch. Also not a bad way to spend the evening. 

Hope you guys are liking these weekly updates! Until next week...



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