Why I Stopped Flying and Drawing Jetlagged Comic

Jetlagged is Moving On…

Yes, it’s true! I will no longer be writing and drawing Jetlagged. It has been an incredible 9 years. I am extremely blessed to have served you all with humor for so long. You are the kindest, most compassionate and big hearted humans and I want thank you for your years of support to me and my vision to spread joy and light through art and humor.

Why am I stopping?

This has been a challenging time of life. I didn’t know what to think when COVID hit and did my best to make light of it through Jetlagged. Then BML happened. Then the elections. Masking. Now vaccine mandates.  Fear has taken the wheel my friends! Fear is the most contagious virus you will catch and also the hardest to prevent and cure. 

I took the summer off from cartooning because I needed some peace and perspective. For some time I’ve felt the need to put Jetlagged down and move on to something new. What? I have no idea! But the pull to make space in my soul was becoming too strong to ignore. I went for a lot of long walks in the woods and asked myself…Am I drawing honestly? Am I creating out of fear or love? Am I unconsciously ignoring a call from the universe to make a change in my life? Did I leave the oven on?  I prayed. I meditated. I went to church. I saw a shaman. I burned sage. I sacrificed a lamb during the blood moon. Out of all of that still that annoying and persistent feeling remained….stop. What I was drawing in Jetlagged didn’t feel right anymore. Deep down I knew I wasn’t putting forth my best self. I apologize for not being honest with you about all this before because I was afraid to be honest with myself.

I’ve prayed to God many times for the strength and courage to write this. I pray still that I open myself enough for Love’s courage to work through me to post it!  

I don’t know why God wants me to stop. All I know is that 9 years ago after I got furloughed I was living in a studio apartment in Alaska with my future husband when God told me to start. So I did and it lead me to Jetlagged. And now Love wants me to stop, so I will.  Where will it lead? No idea! But I’m excited and terrified to find out. What I know for sure is that Love always steers me right.

I am extremely grateful for the years at my airline. I grew up with this airline since I was 5. Because of this airline my mother was able to take us around the world and see amazing places and meet wonderful people. Because of this airline I met my wonderful husband. Because of this airline I made some incredible friendships. Because of this airline I started a comic that would become known across the world, spreading light, love and happiness. And because of this airline I got to know so many of you! I will always cherish my time here.

A Very Personal Story…

My life used to be all about flying and creating Jetlagged. In other words, I was all over the place. My sleep was off, I was eating terribly, I was stressed to make deadlines, to produce books and products, keep up on social media and self-promotion.  Although I loved creating the strip, I had also created an imbalance in my work and life. I neglected friends, family, my marriage and myself.

I knew I was making some poor choices because for years my health was suffering as a result. I was sick all the time, had chronic UTIs, extreme mood swings, poor sleep, irregular and terrible periods (one time I grounded the plane in Salt Lake City because I was vomiting and passing out from menstrual cramps). Then, eventually after two colonoscopies I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Now that’s a fun dis-ease! If you don’t know (and maybe this is TMI) but you poo blood and mucus all the time with extreme urgency. So fun! I’ll let you imagine what that looks like trapped between two carts at 30,000 feet. This is why I stopped cartooning for a month back in 2019. I was terrified of what was happening to me and needed answers.

I was in so much mental and physical pain.  The worst part is I kept it silent.  I blamed my ailments on outside sources. I blamed my job. I blamed Jetlagged. I blamed my marriage. I blamed my relationships. I even blamed you, my beloved following. But the only person I had to blame was myself. Once I was strong enough to face myself in the mirror and accept that my life was the result of my choices, my healing journey began.

Despite the bum doctor’s efforts for me to take suppository meds (no thanks), I chose the much harder, longer and confusing path of natural and holistic healing. And I’ll never look back. Over the last 3 years I’ve dedicated myself to rebalancing my life. I joined a spiritually focused church. I got re-baptized and wept like a baby on the floor afterwards, realizing for the first time that Jesus does in fact live in me because he moved through me that day. I took an intense year long relationship coaching program, which helped reveal my blind spots and gave me the tools to strengthen my personal relationships, especially my marriage. I reduced flying and began bidding shorter trips that got me regular sleep instead of focusing on higher pay. I hired a health coach and we worked together for 6 months to rebalance my gut.  I read A LOT of books on health, diet, spirituality and holistic healing. I focused on doing things I loved like hiking, gardening, spending time with family, cooking traditional foods (sauerkraut anyone?), making music and so much more. As I write this tears are streaming down my face because I am so incredibly thankful for the healing that is now taking place in my body, mind and spirit as a result of these efforts to change.

I no longer suffer from the debilitating symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. My body is functioning perfectly, sleeping well with amazing amounts of energy every day. The blood and mucus are gone. The chronic UTIs are gone. My periods are getting easier and easier every month and I must be a witch because I’m cycling with the moon. My stress is so much less and I’m no longer afraid to leave the house to go for a hike because I have deadlines to make. My relationships and marriage are stronger than ever. I adopted a traditional foods diet recommended by the Weston A Price Foundation (read his book!) which completely changed my life and view on food and health, garnered from the ancient wisdom of traditional cultures. I found a wonderful new job at my local nursery that I can walk to from home. Gardening is a passion of mine and I’m so excited to be serving plants all day!

This journey has been so amazing and it’s very freeing to write this all down. I highly recommend it. It’s great to be able to spread it all out on the table like this and watch the progression. The journey is not over, it has only begun!

If you’ve stayed with me this far, thank you. I hope my story will be inspiring and useful to you on your own journey through this life.

May God bless you with good health, happiness, love and especially freedom from fear,

Walking in love,


The only thing you have to fear is fear itself – Franklin D. Roosevelt.



  • Thank you for all the good laughs I’ve had with your cartoons. My best wishes for you

  • Thank you for sharing your story! I wish you the best and lots of Love! Always listen to your heart!❤️✈️

    Riley Abel
  • Your post inspired me to look deep inside myself and hire a relationship coach, may God guide you on your new journey

  • Dearest Kelly , thankyou so much for your presence throughout these years,
    I can ensure you you have been around many many airlines all aroubd the world. And especially THANKYOU for not disappearong without advice.
    I find a lot of honesty in following your heart – good luck for everything .
    Stay young !

  • All my love and respect for you. Perfect words and the best answer is there….. inside you. 😘

    Maritza Durón

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