Patron Spotlight: Ariel Rivera

About Ariel

"I’m Ariel and I work for Envoy Air (American Eagle). I’ve been with the company a little over a year.  I am infatuated with this new lifestyle. 


I’m Dallas based but commute from New York City.  This is a second career for me as I am also a Nurse Practitioner and have been working in the nursing field for 15 years. 


There came a point where I needed a change of scenery to keep my sanity and considering I’ve always kept my eyes up in the skies, this was the perfect fit. 


Who doesn’t enjoy traveling? It’s my guilty pleasure.  I usually spin the globe and wherever my finger lands, that’s where I’ll fly! 


If there is ever a medical emergency onboard, I’m your flight attendant!"


Thank you Ariel!