Patron Spotlight: Christine Lizarraga

About Christine

"Now, myself, I started with WestJet Encore (Calgary, Canada based) in May 2017 and absolutely adored it. After about 15 months though, I wanted a new challenge and went to Crew Scheduling with Encore. That was... Interesting and although I liked the job, I got tired of being the bad guy and missed flying more than I thought I would. Once my year term was up, I went back to inflight with Encore and less than a month later I got my offer to flow to Mainline ! I was so excited. I successfully completed training, flew internationally for two months then lost my job due to this pandemic. I miss all the incredible people I met, the turbulence, the irops, everything and I'm hopeful I'll be back in the skies one day. I was so committed to making each flight a memorable experience for our guests and I was in such a great company it was easy to do. I'm hoping all the sky babes out there from any airline are still enjoying their jobs and staying safe."

Thank you Christine!