Patron Spotlight: David Ishmael

About David

"I started 6 years with United Airline. While I love the customer interactions, I’m really in it for the foodie moments with crew on layovers (especially Singapore!

This story is a little long but... I was working First Class aisle. We had to scramble to get our service done because of moderate turbulence most of the way on a very short flight. While picking up the cabin for arrival I noticed a customer was still slowly eating the cocktail nuts we serve at the beginning of service. Finally it got to the point where we’d need to sit down. Without pausing to think much of it, and kind of in a hurry, I walked over to Mr2B and asked “sir can I grab your nuts?”

The silence was....deafening followed by at least 3 rows of folks just busting out laughing.

The pax replied “I think they’re still warm actually.”


Thank you David!

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