Patron Spotlight: Jenell Nukolczak

About Jenell

I have worked as an independent contractor travel agent for 12 years (contract with Storybook Destinations for the past 7 years).

What I love most about my job is working with clients and helping them to have stellar travel experiences that become lifelong treasured memories.

The most memorable story about flying involves experiencing the best in humanity:  My flight was delayed and I had mere minutes to make it to the connecting flight – I think it was the last flight out that evening (I ran like crazy and just made it)!  Those checking me in, as well as those greeting me on the plane were all smiles and so pleasant even though I was holding up the flight (so comforting).  Of course I am a bit flustered walking on the plane (especially having the whole plane staring at me when boarding) when a kind older gentleman already seated in the aisle seat next to mine in business class stands up and offers to put my carryon in the overhead – this absolutely helped me to take a deep breath and regain my composure.  I thanked him, and after I was seated he called over the flight attendant and asked her to see if Sargent _____ seated in the Main cabin would like to switch places with him.  The Sargent switched seats and was able to be pampered just a bit on a late night flight home to his wife and kids.  I think if I had not shown up that they were going to seat the Sargent in my seat, so this man selflessly gave up his seat for someone serving our country.  That older gentleman was one of the kindest, most generous humans I have ever encountered on a flight, and I hope to be like him!"

Thank you Jenell for that wonderful story!

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