Patron Spotlight: Julia Meier

About Julia

I'm (Nickname: Ju) 33 years old and wanted to become a flight attendant since my first (long haul) flight to POP in 1996, when I was just ten years old. A love Crewmember noticed that I was a little afraid of my first flight and so she asked me, whether I wanted to help her giving out little snack cheesecakes to the passengers. Later I was allowed helping her to collect the trash!!! I even refused to visit the cockpit, even if my daddy did, cause I found working in a 767 cabin more exciting then looking out of a window, I said (can't remember, but I must have said this) :) .

Here I am, still in love to give out chocolate bars and collecting trash, are five years at Lufthansa.

It took some years to get here, but after finishing school in my small hometown near Freiburg (Black Forest) and my three-year education at German costums, I just packed my bags and moved to MUC.

There I started working at the catering for former Lufthansa team-member "Augsburg Airways" for a year. Then I worked for almost two years as a seller in MUC Duty Free shops. After that I started at airport security, especially screening crews and cargo. This is where I met my husband in 2012. We got married 2017 and 2018 became parents of our lovely baby girl. Together with our one-eyed cat, Rosi, we are family and the place, I love to spend the most of my time, baking and cooking. I've returned to work in October 2019 and I'm planning to continue my way as a purser or emergency trainer. Whatever will be available after these corona-nightmare.

I love it the most flying cross Europe cause it is so fascinating how different all these countries are, and how people live, eat and celebrate. So I'm a passionate A320 girl :)


Thank you Julia!