Patron Spotlight: Nicole Klein

About Nicole

I’m a 39yr old stewardess with Southwest. I’ve been flying for 15yrs. When I was 3yrs old my mom and dad gave me a birthday party to make me 5 (I guess the didn’t ask for a birth certificate back then) and put me on a plane by myself to stay with my aunt for a few weeks. I vaguely remember their pillbox caps and looking out the window for Care Bears. When I asked the stew where they were she smiled warmly and told me to keep looking, they were out there. I didn’t know why the man on the aisle was chuckling. I’ve wanted to fly ever since. I always daydream that there’s a stew out there telling this same story about me as a child.

I love the beverage service and chatting with passengers at my over wing. I live in LA. I abhor east coast AM wake up calls when I’m awake before my husband is asleep. I’ve had passengers snatch my personal food from the counter, vomit on my shoes, pee at their seat, do drugs off the tray table and fight over me from standing on their seats. Gotta love Southwest 🤣

Thanks Nicole!

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