Spotlight on FAs Mary and Will Matus


Flight Attendants Mary and her Son will both love their jobs! In their own words, here is what flying means to them...

"What comes to me looking back at my 42 years of flying are the everyday moments that happened in the extraordinary cities and countries I visited. Elephants walking along the New Delhi highway in the middle of the night, sailing through the crystal blue waves of the Caribbean, and seeing Paris for the first time are a small snapshot of the people, places and experiences I had. I will miss the repeat performances of going to Paris and Shanghai every week, and I forever cherish the memories that pass through my head when I indulge myself in remembering my career." - Mary

" Almost forty years to the month after my mom finished initial flight attendant training, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming an international flight attendant and getting my wings pinned by my mom at graduation! From trying rabbit for the first time in Cyprus to having high tea and soaking my shirt in sweat in Indonesia, I really got to see it all in my year and a half of flying. Particularly fond memories include falling on my butt outside of a mall in Panama during a rainstorm, partying all day off the coast of Africa in Cape Verde, and most of all, getting to fly and gab in the galley with my two best friends/work wives Erica and Sarah! I have one simple piece of advice for anyone aching to seethe world: JOIN A CHARTER AIRLINE!" - Will