About Jetlagged Comic

Jetlagged Comic is a satire take on the world of commercial travel through the perspective of the flight crew. Colorful, clean-humored and fun, Jetlagged resonates with the lifestyles and the on and off the job quirks of flight attendants, pilots and frequent travelers.  

Jetlagged follows the lives of flight attendants Rob, Wanda and sassy-mouthed Bev as they muscle through crowded aisles, target knees and elbows with the beverage cart and teach passengers how to open the lavatory doors.  Every cartoon deals with real situations that happen daily in the world of commercial aviation. Jetlagged takes it one step further and adds a goofy and positive spin on an otherwise highly stressed out industry.  Jetlagged Comic receives praise from fans for being a relatable and uplifting source of comic relief to get them through their day.


About Kelly

I am a cartoonist, author, illustrator and let’s not forget full-time flight attendant. I’m the author of two cartoon books Airplane Mode and Jetway Reunion. Writing and drawing Jetlagged Comic is so much fun. These days I work mostly from home while my cat tries to lay on me.  Otherwise, I’m cartooning on layovers, between flights and on the jump seat. I’m a member of Cartoonists Northwest and the SCBWI. I live with my devilishly handsome husband and cat in Seattle, Washington.

Media, Press, Interviews and Publications

I am also a regular aviation resource correspondent for Travel and Leisure Magazine, and



  1. Can I post your comics on my blog/site/facebook/etc?

As long as you’re not using my comics for commercial purposes, go right ahead! You don’t have to ask my permission. Just please don’t edit the comic, cut out my name or alter it in any way. I also really appreciate when you link back to my pages when sharing on social media!

  1. How do you make your comics?

I hand draw each one on 9” x 12” cardstock paper using pencil and ink. Then I scan, upload on my computer and finish coloring, sizing and adjusting using a Cintiq 13 HD in Photoshop. There is an original drawing for all my comics, which are also for sale. Contact me if you’d like to purchase one.

  1. Someone is stealing your work! What should I do?

First off, thank you. It’s awesome you want to help me out!

It’s OK for people and pages to share my work on social media. It’s only a problem when they are making money off it, like using my images to sell their own products, pretending to be me, or ripping me off by cutting out my name. If you see someone doing that in a post, the best thing for you to do is share my link and help give me credit. I’d really appreciate that.

  1. I have a cartoon idea! Will you draw it?

I love getting ideas from fans! But I can’t always promise I will draw it. I’m pretty picky about the subjects I write about and tend to choose topics that will resonate with many people. If your idea is super specific to your airline or job, then I probably won’t take it into consideration. However, I do create custom cartoons. Contact me if you’d like to hire me to make one!

  1. Why don’t you write more about pilots/agents/pax/ATCers/etc?

While I do from time to time write about these awesome work groups, I just don’t feel I’d be authentic in representing their voices like I can for the flight attendants. There are lots of pilot cartoonists out there, but none for the flight attendants. I am honored to be it! Please be my guest if you want to start a strip about gate agents, rampers  or ground crew. If you do, let me know. I’d love to read it!

  1. We want to advertise our products/pay you to promote our stuff!

No thanks! I like things ad free around here. That’s why I started a Patreon page to let fans support the comic without selling out to advertisers.  

  1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I ship my products all over the world.