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About Kelly & Jetlagged Comic


Hi! I’m Kelly Kincaid, creator of Jetlagged Comic. Jetlagged Comic is about my experiences as a flight attendant. I like to keep my comics positive, goofy and fun. I think this helps create unity between the various workgroups, cultures and airlines as well as with the passengers. I saw a need for this when I started Jetlagged in 2012. There was a lot of negative messages being spread and I wanted to contribute to a different focus. Negative messages, even funny ones, help no one. So when it came to use my God given gift as an artist and writer, I vowed that Jetlagged, and any works I produced, would align with my faith values. 

Jetlagged has grown from a one-woman show to a whole family operation! My sister in law Anna does all the cartoon coloring, my brother AJ and his soon to be wife Shelby do all the merchandising, shipping, customer support and social media marketing, my CPA father Kyle does our taxes and my wonderful husband Robert has the sexiest job of all...bookkeeping! 

I post new cartoons three times a week. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see them! Or you can sign up for my weekly email list to get in your inbox (sign up here).

If you'd like to support me financially (and see toons early, plus get store discounts, downloadable coloring pages and more), you can sign up to be a monthly patron or you can make a one time donation here. Thank you for your support! 

I live in Seattle with my wonderful husband Robert and our little black kitty Bailey who goes on walks with us around our neighborhood.