Jetlagged Comic Airplane Mode cover
Jetlagged Comic Airplane Mode back cover
"You Remind Me" cartoon old flight attendant talking to young flight attendant
"Strange Habits" cartoon flight attendant hiding behind curtain to eat.
"Not a Layover" cartoon flight attendant attacking husband/boyfriend in bed.

Airplane Mode - Book One - Signed

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Written, drawn and colored by flight attendant/cartoonist Kelly Kincaid, Airplane Mode is Book One in the Jetlagged Comic Collection.

Pull back the galley curtain and peek inside the sleep-deprived lives of flight attendants, pilots and the passengers they serve. This is goofy, off-the-wall cartoon humor at it's best! Enjoy 136 full color gag cartoons featuring 20 never before seen cartoons. Whether you fly for a living or just a few times a year, you'll no doubt find yourself chuckling along with Airplane Mode. 

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